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Sunday, October 11, 2009

More on the flu

The first doctor saw Bob and said she had a virus but not H1N1. Besides the fever, she had no other symptoms, just had a little congestion. They didn’t bother to do the test. When Kitty came down with it she had vomiting which means it could have been H1N1, but what were the odds that she had something totally different from her sister? Since bedrest and fluids was all they recommended for Bob we figured it didn't make sense to take Kitty in. I don't believe in taking kids in for the sniffles, but I decided a fever of 105 could be pretty major.

I took Kitty to the doctor only when she’d had symptoms for more than 4 days and started having difficulty breathing (was congestion). The doctor flipped because unlike her sister, Kitty has asthma. the doctor wanted me to have brought her in within 48 hours of the start of symptoms so they could have treated her. Since it had been longer they didn't bother to do the test.

The good news was her oxygen levels were perfect (I do know enough to bring her in the minute I thought her breathing might be compromised). Kitty’s fever broke the next day. Guess it doesn’t matter anymore if they had the flu or not. They’re finally better.

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