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Friday, November 27, 2009

My sister is getting married!

I had a great day today. My little sister is getting married and we (Sis, her daughter, Bob and Kitty and I) spent all day shopping for her wedding dress. Even though this is a second wedding for both Sis and her fiance they have young children (Sis a 10 year old son and a 7 year old daughter, Fiance - 9 yr old daughter and boy/girl twins age 5!) and want to involve the kids in the wedding, so they are getting kind of "fancy."

Sis and her daughter are "girly girls." I must admit it was kind of fun to dress up Sis like Barbie - well, more like Dolly Parton! Sis and I are... um.. well-endowed to say the least, but have tiny ribs. It was hard finding the perfect dress that fit both top, ribs and child bearing hips. She has long gorgeous light brown hair with blond highlights too. She loved all the compliments she got.

The girls were all so well behaved! Her daughter is used to shopping and is usually quiet and easily entertained - although she'll tell you when she is ready to go! I don't know what my girls did while I laced Sis into dress after dress, but the fact that I don't know tells you how far they've come! We all loved looking at Sis in wedding dresses. Did I mention this was kind of like having a dress-up Barbie?

Sis did find "the dress." It was even less than she'd budgeted and will be ready in plenty of time for the wedding. She and her fiance got engaged on Saturday on a recent business trip to New York City - while on a carriage ride in Central Park! So romantic!

They plan to get married in March because Fiance doesn't want to wait. So sweet. This means they have a LOT to get done to make their lives together a reality.

Sis is now laughingly comparing her life to tons of reality shows! Today was of course, "Say Yes to the Dress" (We've all agreed she will NOT become Bridezilla.) Soon it will be Ace of Cakes (or Cake Boss), and Sell This House (they need to sell their homes and get a house with 6 bedrooms). After that will be Super Nanny or Nanny 911 (5 kids all of whom have been through painful divorces in the last 5 years, and my niece who was enjoying her spot as the youngest, a lot - need I say more?).

One of the girls dresses and acts like a boy - right down to the haircut and undies, and my sister is planning on this girl being a junior bridesmaid - wearing a dress. The girl does have a therapist, and I hope my sister at least consults with the therapist. Sis does not have a lot of patience and understanding for this kind of situation. *sigh*

I've offered to sew as many bridesmaids dresses (or pantsuits) that she might want, but so far she's not taking me up on it. I'll be the Matron of Honor and will definitely be sewing my dress. I'll be doing alterations for Sis's dress.

BIG QUESTION: I know Kristina P. reads my blog (Hi!) and maybe some of you others are Mormon as well. The man my sister is marrying is Mormon and she plans to convert. Is there anything we need to know about what kind of dress is acceptable? Hers is strapless, but she is planning on adding cap sleeves. We can easily add a Bolero jacket if necessary. She doesn't have alot of time for research so I figured I'd ask for her.

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Here's a good place to start...
I think whatever she chooses, as long as it is in good taste, will be fine! Congrats to your sis!