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Friday, September 25, 2009


I received this e-mail recently, and finally finished my letter last night. Mike is amazing and he and his organization really does make a difference. I know he's been an incredible source of support for me.


Please post this and/or pass it on.

Hello friends and neighbors. I write to you today out of urgent cause. As many of you know Advocates for Children of Trauma have been working hard in our community and state to increase awareness of trauma and attachment issues/disorders. We have also pressed for more supports for our families, proper, affordable and appropriate care for our children.

The time has now come as we stand at an exciting crossroad. We have fought hard for you and your family and now we have the opportunity to really make a difference. One of the larger and well funded Texas advocacy groups has run across some of our families recently. Even with their best effort they were unable to assist or find any relief for these families. They then turned to us. We have been able to provide some support and relief for those families and have them back on the right path for the moment however this has opened a new door. We must act fast before it closes.

Advocates for children of Trauma have newer asked anyone for anything. We try to help all that reach out, be them members or not and as we try, we can’t always help all but we do try. Honestly the true numbers we see are staggering. So many hurt and desperate families, it’s sad.

I now humbly but urgently ask for your help.

I need every family that lives or has lived with a child/ adolescent or teen struggling with trauma/ attachment issues/ disorders or other mental health issues to write their stories and send them to us. You don’t have to be a great writer or use elegant words. These stories will not be made public but will be used to leverage our lawmakers. Please sign your letters with name and address if you can. You privacy will not be infringed upon. If you can’t it’s ok but we (ACT) need to know who and where you are so we can identify your lawmakers.

There are several things we are looking for but to include a few would be not receiving honest information about your child prior to placement especially if it was a CPS adoption. Information on how few services and educated therapist there truly are. How expensive private therapy is and how proper therapy isn’t available through public services. How difficult it is dealing with the schools. How difficult it is dealing with family and friends. What our homes look like from the inside out and how truly draining it is to live with our kids. We should also mention the effects on siblings and marriages. I also know many of you have had unwelcomed CPS involvement. We need to share what that experience is like. Basically write whatever you feel the strongest about. If you can’t write it and have the time to spend on the phone call me, I’ll write it for you from your words. If you can’t type your story write it down and mail it to us. We will key it in and email it back to you for your own records.

Folks I don’t know if your still reading or not but this is no joke. This is sincerely the best opportunity we have had for our families in the last ten years. ACT needs your help, I need your help. Please don’t think you story isn’t important or pass this up thinking we will have enough without you. We need all of your help. Please help us help you.


Michael Groomer

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