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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My how they've grown!

Sorry if the last post was a downer. It was actually a response to someone else's post about whether or not her readers were SAHM. Hit a nerve.

My nephew asked for some pictures of the family, and I realized we don't take a lot of pictures around here. In fact I just realized we don't even have pictures of anyone's birthday parties this year. Maybe they're still on the camera? Yea, I'm just going to assume that's where they are, which means it's all Hubby's fault for not downloading them. *grin*

This picture is from Bear's birthday party last year, so it's almost exactly one year old, but it's pretty typical of my little goobers.
That's Kitty with her mouth open (and food hanging out). I can't believe how much weight she's gained in the last year (over 70lbs).
Ponito (aka Monkey boy) is sitting on the edge of the sink flashing "signs." Luckily he has no clue what they mean as far as I know. His hair has grown out a lot since this picture. He looks like Zack and Cody from the Suite Life on Disney channel now (fellow moms of tween girls know what I mean!).
Bob is standing on a chair. She loves being taller than everyone else. She's taller and slimmer now. A year of PE at school did her a lot of good.
Bear looks about the same, but his tattoo removal has healed to scars now, and he might be a touch more muscular.
Will have to take and post a more current picture so you guys can compare too.

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