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Monday, March 9, 2009

How to have good dreams

Kitty and Jesse McCartney

Kitty wanted to have a good dream, and I told her I knew a secret trick.

I asked her what she wanted to dream about -"getting married and having kids with Jesse McCartney" (BLEECH!). But I decided to ignore the gross factor, so we both could get some sleep seeing as she'd had a tough day.

So to have a good dream you tell yourself a story or write a play in your head right before bed. Your story is about what you want to dream about, but you have to imagine EVERY detail. Where are you? What does your house look like, is it a 2 story or a one story, are you in the living room? Where is Jesse? Is he at work? Do you go with him? Do you work? What do you do? Picture it in your head. What are you wearing when you go to work with Jesse. Are you wearing an evening gown, what color is it, do your heels hurt your feet? Are you in a crowded club or a private limo, what color are the seats in the limo, is it moving or are you stopped. Does Jesse take your hand as you get out? What does his cologne smell like? Can you feel his hand in yours?

All of this was done in a quiet, calm, monotonous voice, and I didn't usually wait for answers for most of the questions. I just wanted her to visualize the picture. I did biofeedback when I was her age so I tried to mimic the method of painting imagery.

She told me the next day that it worked. Now all the other kids want to try it. Speaking of dreams. Time for me to go to bed. I'll try to get more about our weekend events posted tomorrow!


Adelaide Dupont said...

Celine Dion was good at making movies in her head using just this technique - she mentions it in her autobiography: My story, my dream.

Yes, I agree, it's the details which make it work. And it must be repeated.

I wonder if Kitty finds the dreams vary with the menstrual cycle and other such hormonal dramas? Being a Freudian by training and inclination ...

Unknown said...

What a great topic! I agree with you, a story or write a play in your head right before bed. you have to imagine every detail.


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