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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break - No break

Very little arguing and difficulty getting everyone up all week. Tuesday, Bear took his bath and pointedly informed me he was only in there 20 minutes. He didn't want me to make him take baths at night. I saw it as "proof" that it could be done. Now of course he's slowly worked his way back to over an hour. *sigh* Kitty has been happy as a clam with her reduced chores. I've got to admit it's been so much easier.

My dad and step-mom are coming into town tonight and staying with my little sister for 2 weeks. You know those relatives that you want to impress because you feel like they are judging you? These are "those" relatives for me.

My mom got pneumonia last weekend so is still flat on her back. Luckily my step-dad has stepped up to the plate and is watching the kids for us at their house.

This means the kids aren't home making messes, but it also means chores are supposed to be done in the morning before Grandma's or at night. Truthfully neither is really happening. I decided to take today off for a marathon house cleaning session. I left Kitty at Grandma's (smart me!), and the rest of the kids were supposed to help. Didn't really happen. *sigh* I ended up playing the Little Red Hen.

My little sister gave me a bunch of new furniture so I'm trying to rearrange everything. She is sooo different from me. She saved up and bought the exact pieces of furniture she wanted. Brand new expensive stuff. Less then 6 weeks later she decides she doesn't like them after all!
So I have a gorgeous mahogany china cabinet that I have to figure out how to get here because it doesn't fit in my mom's mini van. Three beautiful bar stools, a brand new stainless steel refrigerator (sister wanted one with a water/ice dispenser in front), 2 pretty mahogany dining chairs, a mahogany coffee table and end table, and a dark wood bookshelf.

My sister's fickle behavior is definitely to my benefit! Too bad she lets her kids and dogs trash most of her furniture. She has beautiful, expensive taste, but most pieces are covered in melted candy or plastic slime, trashed from being jumped on or been chewed by dogs. She just buys new stuff when it's ruined or she's tired of it. My kids trash our furniture too (although I don't "let" them, but I don't have the money to replace it).

So I spent all day scrubbing refrigerators and and kitchen cabinets, and fussing at the kids to get back to work! Almost nothing done. *sigh*

Took Bob and Bear to the eye doctor for a check up. Bear qualifies for Medicaid so he was free! *yeah!* I almost forgot to ask because I'm so used to going to doctors that don't take Medicaid. Unfortunately Bob was not free. I ended up paying over $150 for Bob's new contacts. Not sure how I'm going to cover that. Guess I'm going to have to get creative with the grocery money. Now I just need to find somewhere to fill Bear's glasses prescription. Maybe somewhere that takes our private insurance and Medicaid?! Does that exist? Would be so great if we didn't have to pay for new frames (he doesn't qualify for new frames under our insurance for another year).

Tomorrow I get to finish cleaning. I hope I don't make the whole family insane.

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