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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break - evening of Day 1

Poor Hubby started the day being yelled at by Kitty and Bear, his day didn't get much better. The internet at work was cut off for lack of payment (had to pay to get that back on), more money issues. *sigh* We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is sooo dark and long.

Picked up the kids and headed home. They were bickering as usual. I informed them that chores are going to be done differently. Kitty and Ponito will be sharing dishes on the weekend (so Hubby and I can supervise). That means Bear and Bob will be alternating dishes Monday through Thursday. I informed them there would be other changes too, but didn't go into detail - mostly to protect Kitty's privacy (as much as I could anyway). I also told them that doing their chores in the morning wasn't working so I expected everyone to do tomorrow's chores tonight. This didn't actually happen though. *sigh*

Once home, Hubby made dinner and I reworked the chore chart. I explained how the Star Chart worked to Kitty. She was excited because it meant it was no longer her day to do dishes!

The family ended up watching a movie with my sister and her children (who came over unexpectedly).

No one took a bath,
no one did chores,
but everyone did go to bed almost on time!

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Anonymous said...

how's the rest of the week going, Mary?