This blog is my place to vent and share resources with other parents of children of trauma. I try to be open and honest about my feelings in order to help others know they are not alone. Therapeutic parenting of adopted teenagers with RAD and other severe mental illnesses and issues (plus "neurotypical" teens) , is not easy, and there are time when I say what I feel... at the moment. We're all human!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bipolars in Pooh Corner

This is going to sound crazy, but I like to think of people like Winnie the Pooh characters. Tigger is obviously a self centered manic. Eeyore is always depressed. I see both in myself. When not on meds I don’t have a choice in whether or not I’m one or the other. When I’m taking meds I can choose to be Rabbit or Pooh. To me, Rabbit is smart and capable, but chooses to be irritable and gruff. Pooh is easy going and happy, and treats everyone as a friend. Even people who are irritated with him (like Rabbit), don’t get him down. (Technically I’d love to be like Kanga, the perfect mom, but Pooh has more fun!).

Unlike Pooh though I have difficulty ignoring the “joy suckers.” They can make me feel depressed and irritable. I seek out those that give me positive feedback and encourage me to be a better person. This is hard to do with Bear in the house. He is most definitely a “joy sucker.”

I want to help others see the joy/positives in the world. I really do believe that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I think he believes in me a lot more than I wish he would though!

I’ve managed to muddle through. Making tough decisions and dealing with things I wish no one had to deal with. I don’t always make the right decisions, but it always seems to work out OK in the end. Maybe I’m a Pollyanna/ Pooh. This is how I’ve chosen to live my life, and I work hard at keeping it that way.

I’ve been obsessively watching an English show called “How to Look Good Naked.” Which unlike most makeover shows doesn’t do costly surgery and dentistry, but works more on confidence and dressing right for your body type. I have decided to lose some weight, but at the same time I’m working on being confident with the shape I’ve got. I think I look pretty good (says Pooh).

Hugs and prayers,



GB's Mom said...

It looks to me like you handle a difficult situation with class.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Here here!

I want to focus on healthly not size. Said with a half eaten milky way beside my computer. :-0

The first step is focus, right?