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Friday, February 19, 2010

Better e-mail?

Ok, I'm trying to take y'all's advice and see if I can word my e-mails better. Here's one I just sent to Bear's admin and case manager.

Thank you very much for your efforts regarding keeping Bear in the classroom. It is my understanding of the teachers’ reports, that just having the teachers tracking his leaving the class has reduced the amount of time he is out of class.

Next Steps:
Now that we know Bear was leaving class excessively, and have curtailed this, I believe next steps should be dealing with any consequences to this step up in supervision. If the school staff feel that these consequences are Bear’s recent failing grades and increasing issues with teachers and students, or that these are caused by the final transition from the Special School for Emotionally Disturbed Kids, then it is time to discuss what needs to happen next to help Bear get back on track and resume his education.

I do wish to request that Bear not actually be escorted when he leaves the classroom, unless he is being escorted for the same reasons as the other students, in which case I would appreciate it if he know that was why or at least know he is not being escorted at my request (which of course I did not request) or because the School Behavior Program staff have a personal vendetta against him.



Anonymous said...

Two thoughts: It's hard to read on this blog because of the fractured sentences. It makes me wonder if you wrote the email this way. However, (this is the good part) I looked at the whole thing, though "Oh, this isn't too long, I can handle this" and read the whole thing. As for content, it's sussinct, clear and easy to understand. It makes me want to ask you more details... that's good, too, right?

marythemom said...

Purple, fixed it. It's a problem with using the quote feature when writing a post. It basically decides that each line is a separate line (with a return on the end), and since my screen is apparently wider than the usual post, it ends up moving the end of each line to the next line after posting. It looks totally normal on my screen until it posts. I need to remember to check it.