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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We need your help!

This is a Texas agency that helped us when we were looking for local support. Despite the coincidence in acronyms it is not the same as the fantastic agency Advocates for Children of Trauma which hosted the Katharine Leslie seminar, but it is still a good one. I just wanted to pass this along because the matching program means your support goes twice as far.

For six years, the Adoption Coalition of Texas has been working hard to increase the number of children adopted from the foster care system. We believe that adoption (permanency) for these kids is the long term solution, giving abused and neglected children the opportunity for a positive, stable future. Everyone needs stability. How often have you, or someone you know, talked to your parents since your turned 18? Can you imagine what it would be like not having anyone to call for advice, to be proud of you, to be the grandparents to your children? Many of you have been supporters of us for a long time, in many ways, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of people like you that we are able to be successful! Adoptions are up 72% since we started this effort six years ago! This is something everyone should be proud of!

There are so many success stories, yet there are so many more kids that are waiting. Having the ability to do News 8 Austin Forever Families, The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, Match and Recruitment Events, and the general time we spend talking to potential families from across the country is critical to this success. Our existence is so very important to the futures of these children.

It is with that in mind that I write this letter and ask for your financial help so we can continue the good work we are doing. It takes a community to find forever families for the hundreds of children waiting on a daily basis. Please consider making a financial contribution to our effort. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation will match your contribution dollar for dollar through a challenge grant we have with them. This is truly a blessing! Our goal is $30,000 – please help!


Tracy Eilers, DM
Executive Director

YES, I/We want to make a difference and help find forever families for children in foster care! Please accept this tax-deductible donation in the amount of $______.

I would like to make this donation in honor/ memory of

(We will include this in our E-Newsletter. We can also send a card to the family if you include a mailing address with your response).

Mail check to Adoption Coalition of Texas
2222 Western Trails, Suite 101, 78745
donate online

The Adoption Coalition of Texas operates as a special fund under the 501c3 of the Austin Community Foundation – Tax ID 74-1934031

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