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Friday, April 2, 2010

Wedding pictures

The gorgeous, happy bride and groom. My poor sister has to choose from the many absolutely gorgeous pictures taken by our favorite photographer Cousin Jenny! I do not envy my sister.
Since in real life my sister has a teeny little waist and is built like Dolly Parton, I have decided that the camera (like TV cameras) adds weight. In my case 50lbs! In real life I look like Twiggy. *grin* OK, not really. I have gained quite a few lbs, but somehow despite the wedding and seminar I've managed to lose and keep off another 5lbs (bringing me to 15 lost). Yea!
I do not think I like my "natural" look. I've always been dark haired and this grey just seems to wash me out.

The bridal party. This was as far from daddy as we could get the little flower girl. Gave the photographer a tough time trying to get pictures of just the bride and groom.

This is me comforting the flower girl, trying to get her to go down the aisle.
Bob was the "lookout." Her job was to tell everyone when it was their turn to start down the aisle.

Kitty with my new niece the flower girl. Kitty was so excited to have someone to play with since my sister's daughter refuses to interact with anyone but Bob and my sister's son is only 6 months younger than Ponito so they are perfect playmates. Unfortunately the groom's children still aren't around as much as my sister's kids.

My niece, as always on Bob's lap.

My nephew doing his "moves" with Ponito, my new niece (on the far right) and my new nephew (front) who was the ringbearer. Don't they look cute in their tuxes?! Can you tell that Ponito's suit was a woman's jacket and pants altered to fit him?

I don't care how fat I look or how gray my hair is, I love this picture of me dancing with my dad. I think it's the first time we've ever done that (didn't have dancing at my wedding reception).

Dancing with Hubby! Don't get to do that very often. My wedding shoes were evil so I ditched them the minute the ceremony was over. These are my regular shoes that I kicked off toward the end of the evening. Kind of a weird shot, but that's what photographers do, right?



Jeri said...

Mary...what the heck!!!!!You look wonderful!!!Give yourself a break....girl, you were rocking the wow factor!

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

These are really awesome!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

These are great photos and I'm with Jeri, you look amazing! You and Hubby are a cute couple!

shastastevens said...

I love these photos. Everyone (you!) looks so happy.