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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I hate my life!

Ok, never thought I'd hear HUBBY say those words. I hear them a lot from the littles of course. I know he's been overwhelmed, but this morning was the last straw for him.
Yesterday we had yet another staff meeting reminding the staff that they need to be recording their time on the time sheets. We don't have a lot of work right now, and everytime they don't enter hours, we probably don't get paid for that. We have enough work for 7-8 people, we employ 10. We are so close to going under. We should have let 2 people go yesterday, but we keep putting it off. We have such a good team. When the work starts again, then we'll need every one of them. We've had lots of client meetings, but so far, not enough people signing contracts. *sigh*
A couple of months ago we were leaving work for an important meeting. At the end of the alley is a sidewalk about 10-15 feet back from the street and visibly blocked by tons of plants and a building. Hubby had started slowing so that we could turn out of the alley when out of nowhere a bicyclist on the sidewalk popped out in front of us. We hit her with the car! The downtown neighborhood where our office is is comprised primarily of lawyers so 911 was called immediately (we called too). Because the woman was not wearing a helmet she was taken away in an ambulance. She appeared to have just some bruises and small cuts. There was no damage to her bike or the car.

So this morning we get a citation delivered by a police officer. She's suing us for her continued pain, inability to work or attend school, and possible life long injury. *sigh* It sounds like the insurance will take care of it though. Still, one more thing to deal with. Also found out that our insurance was cancelled mid-August due to non-payment. This is covered because it happened last June, but we are still uninsured drivers.
I got a call from Nebraska this morning saying they would not pay for Bear's medications because his adoption was final months ago and he should have TX Medicaid. I told her we still have not received his birth certificate from Indiana, so can't get him a new Social Security card, so can't get him a TX Medicaid card. His adoption was finalized in July. His sister didn't get her new birth certificate until July and her adoption was in March!
After thinking about this for a bit I went and looked through the stacks and stacks of unpaid bills and found his TX Medicaid card! One more thing to do today.
So much stuff that's been falling by the wayside, the rotting second story deck my children play under, the carpenter ants that have been living in the kitchen ceiling for years and treatments have no effect, my thyroid surgery that I can't get because we don't have the $1K deductible, the 40lbs I need to lose that is probably caused by my meds, the repairs to the roof and windows that we haven't had time to fix because we're too busy fighting fires, the creditors just keep calling and calling and calling.

Hubby said a few weeks ago that he thinks this is God's way of trying to get him to take anti-depressants.
Sorry about the whining.

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Torina said...

I hope things turn around for you all soon. Sometimes life just keeps on piling the crap on.