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Thursday, September 25, 2008



So after the kids p-doc appointment I went to the pharmacy to drop off their new prescriptions. They needed a couple of refills, we made some changes to Kitty's meds and the rest needed to go on file.

I always return the bottles to the pharmacy when asking for a refill (for one thing I don't need 20 bottles a month). When filling the kids med box for the week, I just set aside the bottles when they are empty then take them all to the pharmacy. Recently we've been having so much trouble with the pharmacy that I've started putting pennies in the med box for each missing pill. That way I won't give them the meds and think they have them all.

So on Monday I dropped off 2 prescription bottles and said I would pick them up the next day. The person said both had no refills so it would have to be called in. No biggie, I always have at least a 3 day supply when I drop them off. So when I came to pick up the meds, they said that Kitty's Triliptal had no refills. It wasn't on the prescription sheet I had (I assume the doctor had called it in earlier so hadn't wanted to put it on the prescriptions). They wouldn't loan me any and I was completely out. Luckily, Bear takes this too so I was able to borrow from his bottle.

They gave me a bottle of Provigil for Bear with only a 3 day supply in it because they didn't have any more on hand. More would be coming soon and they would call me. I was pretty sure I needed more Amantadine, but they insisted that I was mistaken. I guess I need to start writing down what I take in. That would prevent what happened with Kitty's Zoloft last month too. *sigh*

So I went home and checked. I had Provigil coming out my ears and needed Amantadine. I called the pharmacy and we argued for a few minutes. She said she had no idea why they'd filled the Provigil (this has happened before), but she insisted we'd just picked up the Amantadine on the 17th. That sounded familiar, but nonetheless we were out of Amantadine. Finally she realized that when they'd filled the Amantadine on the 17th, they'd only given us a 2 week supply because that was all the p-doc approved until the next office visit. I asked if the prescriptions I just dropped off had Amantadine included. Why yes, it did!

So hopefully I can pick up Bear's Amantadine, Kitty's Seroquel increase, and I'll call in Kitty's Triliptal to the p-doc so he'll fax his approval. Why does this have to be so complicated?!!

The good news is that Bear is very stable and doesn't have to see the p-doc for 6-8 weeks instead of monthly!! The bad news is that Kitty is still not stable - so we won't be removing the last bit of Geodon just yet. We'll increase her Seroquel substantially first before we try removing it. We have a great p-doc who believes what I'm saying (refreshing!!), but I was still glad that he was able to see Kitty being her usual slightly obnoxious self so he knows I'm not just a big whiner.

Kitty wouldn't let me kiss her goodnight last night. She's in full 'don't touch me' mode. *sigh*


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