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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pharmacies Part Deux

So I sat around work all day pretending to be doing something when I was really reading other people's blogs! I didn't get a single e-mail and everything I could even try to do I needed our Creative Director for - and he was in meetings ALL day. One of the blogs I found through Postcards from Insanity ( was a hilarious blog written by a pharmacist ( After reading her blog I tried very hard to be patient with our pharmacy tonight, but it was tough!!

It was 5:30pm. So when they told me that the p-doc hadn't called in the prescription for Kitty's Trileptal I was very frustrated. The p-doc's receptionist assured me she'd called it in 3 days ago, and they'd been closed for an hour so there was no way to have them do it now. The pharmacist did allow me to get a 3 day supply after I asked.

So then we switched to talking about Bear's Amantadine (the one they gave me a 3 day supply of Provigil for?!). They insisted that they'd filled it on the 17th and therefore we'd only had it for 8 days and couldn't be out since they'd given us a 2 week supply. I insisted that I would be out tomorrow. Finally someone got a code from the insurance company that allowed us to fill the prescription. She laid the bottle on the counter full of the little red pills I needed - all within reach. Then she told me she had no idea how to get a code from Medicaid so the co-pay wasn't covered. It was only $10 so I almost just paid it, but then decided I was going to have to be here tomorrow to pick up Kitty's Trileptal I'd wait and see if they could get the code. Tomorrow I'm going to remember to ask how many pills they gave me. It'd be ironic if they only gave me 14 when I needed 28 or something.

When I got home I was so frustrated that my Mom took pity on me and invited us out to eat. I had a 20% off coupon for IHOP so we loaded up the kids and went (Hubby is teaching scuba tonight, tomorrow night, and this weekend - so I'm single parenting). We got to celebrate the fact that we can finally afford to get the kids back into school!!! Wooo hooo!!! Grandma is ecstatic. She loves the littles, but they were running out of stuff to do and knowing they were about to go back to school anyminute I wouldn't let her buy new workbooks. They start tomorrow. (Photo: Kitty in chapel at HCA last school year)
Here's how I told them as we were sitting in Grandma's van:

Me: "OK girls, put your hands over your mouths." (They both did, sometimes they actually listen!!)

Me: "I have good news and bad news."

Ponito: "Tell them the bad news so the good news will make up for it!"

Me: "Ok, the bad news is you have to find clean socks for tomorrow (a big issue!), because the good news is you start school tomorrow."

Kitty (dropping her hand): "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"


Me: "KITTY! That's why I told you to put your hand over your mouth! Take it down a notch!"

Kitty: "Sorry! MMMMPPPPHHHH!!! AMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHH!!! I love you Mom!!"

*sigh* Why can't she love me when I'm not giving her something she wants?

(Photo: Bob and Hubby after Bob wins a medal at HCA last school year)

I was mean Mom again when I wouldn't let Kitty have chocolate chip pancakes (she had to settle for regular), order extra toast (I gave in on this, but it had to be wheat toast - mean mean Mommy!), or order Sprite mixed with orange juice like everyone else because she's allergic to oranges (practically evil Mommy!).

The Meanest Mom in the World

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Torina said...

Ugh. What a mess. Sounds like you need to find a new pharmacy...we went through something similar with Walgreens. Not no more.