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Monday, June 1, 2009

What did he say now?!!

For some reason I find Bear's e-mails to me highly entertaining. At his IEP meeting we discussed the fact that he hasn't been tested on writing in years. I managed to talk them into testing his writing skills when school starts in the Fall.

Oh Bear, spell check is not your friend.

This site has some good facts for atheists and people how want to loss
white and ton up.

Interpretation: This site has some good facts for athletes and people who want to lose weight and tone up.

Was it wrong of me to send him the following e-mail?

Did you mean athletes (people who like sports and exercise) or did you really mean “atheists” (people who don’t believe in God)?

I would like to be less white skinned (which I can assume is what you meant by “loss white”), so can I assume Power bars will make me tan?

I would actually prefer to lose some weight rather than “ton up.” Unless instead
of gaining a “ton” of weight you meant tone up.

Spell check is not always your friend Sweetie. :^)


Here's another e-mail he sent me. He didn't send me a follow up to this one.

There’s this Girl I like A good amount but I want to ask her out But I
Don’t want TO do it at school. And I Think I got A way But I don’t know how to
do it is a Long Story
S____ and I were not work / seeing I TO I. BUT the person that just called was her, her name is t____. But Ill send you more in a min.

Interpretation: You can figure this one out yourself. I especially love the "I TO I" phrase.


Unknown said...

I am stumpted on the last one and Ive been reading my sons things for year!


Perspective RAD said...

those are great!!!... lol.. My mother gives me hell about my spelling still. Ugh.

Unknown said...

I love these emails. His writing skills suck but at least he is willing to communicate with you instead of climbing inside his little world and keeping you out.
When I get an email I can't make out, I am sending it to you!