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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Katharine Leslie books

Essie, to get Katharine Leslie's books you need to go to her website.

When a Stranger Calls You Mom (which I haven't finished yet, but I've been quoting here along with stuff from the seminar). This book is her first one, but I think it's been revised recently. Love it so far!

Coming to Grips with Attachment was the first one I read. It's full of practical advice and is written workbook style. I wish this was required reading for new foster/adopt parents! Lisa loaned it to me and I loved it so much I went out and bought my own copy.

What I Love About You is different. It's kind of a baby book/life book with a poem. It is beautifully hand crafted and bound. Katharine suggested giving the older child a new life story if they don't have one or just because you think the child deserves a happy one (obviously this depends on the child). For those without baby pictures they can choose from family pictures (like you as an infant or toddler!) or they can go through magazines and choose pictures that look like the child might have looked at that age.

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