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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flour and Sugar and Oatmeal... Oh my!

The three oldest kids are getting confirmed (joining the church as an adult member) in the church this weekend. Even Bear has been participating in the classes and activities, although suspicious me always assumes it's just so he can get out of the house and away from us. There is a reception on Saturday for family and friends and the families of the 18 confirmands have been asked to bring snacks. We could sign up to bring cheese, fruit, or brownies/cookies. I decided it was cheaper to make the brownies/cookies than to purchase cheese or fruit plates. So that's what I signed up for... for all 3 of my kids... 6 dozen cookies/brownies... EACH!

So for the last few days I've been making and freezing 18 DOZEN cookies and brownies. Having no idea what all I'd need I bought in bulk. I AM AN IDIOT. I bought a 25lb bag of white flour (we only use whole wheat)... used maybe a pound... at most. Bought 4 lbs of butter - used a little less than 3. Actually that worked out about right. Bought a 10lb bag of sugar (we don't use sugar at our house). Never even opened it because we had some left from something else. I think it's 2lbs of brown sugar which I used a little of. Bought a pound of cocoa we never opened because brownies call for chocolate squares not cocoa. Bought a case of quick oats (we only use old fashioned). Used about 1/2 of one of the two packages.

I now have 16 1/2 dozen cookies (oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip) and 4 dozen brownies in my freezer.

So what do I do with the rest of the ingredients?!

Ponito's school is having a carnival this weekend and they could always use items for the cake walk. Do I spend the next 2 days baking billions more cookies? I'd have to buy more ingredients (eggs and butter mostly) to use up the ones I have.

Plus Kitty's birthday party is this weekend, she claims she invited four friends, and I need to make the Harry Potter cake she wants that looks something like this ----------->
and get the house and kitchen clean. Something is wrong with the dishwasher or the water softener so when the kids wash the dishes they open the dishwasher, decide it isn't clean, and re-run it! Needless to say it still doesn't get clean and neither do all the rest of the dishes that are piling up in the sink (and counters and stove top...).

I might be able to take back the sugar and cocoa since they haven't been opened, but I still have over 20lbs of white flour. YIKES! No one in this house needs to be eating more baked goods - especially those with white flour and real butter and sugar.


cshellz said...

A womans shelter or homeless shelter could probably use it. Or maybe a food bank?

cshellz said...

woops :) forgot to say...nice job!

Sharon said...

You did it!!! Wooo hooooo!!! Good job, and early, too! If you don't find some place to take the flour, I'll take some of it, and if they don't take the sugar back, I'll buy that from you, too. We use sugar over at my place. And the cool thing? It won't have to travel far!
I still have to make my muffins before Sunday. Guess I could get started and freeze those, too, huh. Learning from the master!

Radical Melody said...

Talk about loaves and fishes!