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Monday, April 19, 2010

What We Expect Before You Begin Driving

Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrate car maintenance skills

  • Demonstrate ability to take care of car, gear and equipment

  • Read, study for and pass the driver’s license tests

  • If you’re under 18, pass Driver’s Ed (and pay for at least ½)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of rules of the road

  • Ability to multi-task (need to be able to: listen to music and friends, know where you’re going, know what everyone in the cars around you are doing, aware of how the car is running, remembering the driving rules…)

  • Hand/eye coordination

  • Demonstrate map skills - Know where you are (are you near home? can you find where you’re going if you’ve been there before?)

  • Confident and comfortable with handling car

Taking Care of Business/ Responsible

  • Take care of school work and be attending school and making good grades

  • Be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there – not missing the bus

  • Demonstrate you are able to keep people aware of your comings and goings

  • Cars need gas – demonstrate ability to pay for it and will remember to fill the car with it

  • Follow rules and do chores without reminders

  • Trusted to be left alone - without adult supervision

  • Trusted to interact with other kids appropriately – even without supervision

  • Show responsibility with electronics (cell phone, MP3 player, computer) – taking care of your things, borrow and return things in good repair

  • Ability to save and handle money

  • Emotional Readiness

  • Able to handle stressful situations appropriately (no Road Rage!)

  • Not running away/dissociating

  • Behave appropriately with people and during activities

  • Self-reporting – being able to admit when you did something wrong and restitution

  • Ability to tell if your judgment or ability to drive is impaired (alcohol, meds, anger, stress…)

  • If judgment or ability to drive is impaired – ability to ask for help, willing to call parent.

  • Good judgment – parents should have no worries about sex, drugs and alcohol

  • Ability to share – need to share car time with others in family, when in traffic you need to take turns

  • Able to handle delayed gratification

  • Empathy – can see other’s viewpoint

  • Cause and effect – understand that if you do something you will have to deal with the consequences of your choices

  • Don’t steal or borrow without asking – can be trusted with money and other things

  • Truthful – tell the truth to others and self – even about difficult things

  • Deal well with authority figures (including parents)

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GB's Mom said...

Some people(like my D)would never drive under these rules. I like them.

Heather said...

I just stumbled on this post, but I love the list, and I think I'll hang onto it. Our two are getting close enough to start talking about "when I'm 16," and I think this might be a way to get them focused on our expectations before they get a license. Our son this should not be a problem. Our daughter, on the other hand...

marythemom said...

Heather - I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Hope your daughter's eyebrows grow back! I think I would definitely take that as a sign she's not ready to drive. I've updated this list and will post it when Bear's skills trainer converts it to "quantifiable" (sp?) choices.