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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the lighter side

The much lighter side actually. Ponito had been growing his hair out as appears to be popular these days, and despite waitresses asking what "she" wants to eat, he refused to have more than the bangs trimmed. UNTIL he started learning to scuba dive with Hubby (Hubby is a scuba instructor). Ponito quickly realized that long hair interfereres with putting on and taking off a scuba mask underwater!

I'm the family hair dresser (at least for the boys), but my razor had broken so I ended up using scissors. It was Spring Break so I decided to take my time and try out some new hair styles. Ponito was at my mercy!

Here is my favorite. The Mullet!

I forced him to let me take these pictures by refusing to cut anymore unless he let me! Bwaahaahaaa! (evil laugh) I never did get to take a good picture of the Mohawk (not shaved on the sides, but the top was still about 4 inches long and I spiked it with mousse briefly, but he took it down).
And of course the final result. (*grin* doesn't it look like my nephew and new niece are staring at his hair in this picture?)


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Aaaa, the mullet!! :)

Nice job on his "do"!

GB's Mom said...

Boy, did you cut it short! It looks good.