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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boobies in my armpits

and lard in my arteries.

Went to my annual "woman" doctor appointment yesterday. I was a little worried about some extra flesh under my armpits - no lumps just extra flab. I'd noticed it awhile ago, but thought it was just caused by my bras being too small now that I've gained "a few" extra pounds. My regular doctor had been keeping an eye on it for me. Turns out it is just "extra breast tissue." As I gain weight the boobies in my armpits will grow too. *sigh*

Oh why can't Hubby be a "boob" man?!

Also found out my cholesterol is high too. *sigh* 276 overall. My biggest concern is my ratios, which are usually good. Not this time though. I'm "borderline", but 3.22 is bad and I'm at 3.21! Both my dad and my mom are on meds for high cholesterol so I've always had to deal with it. My mom's body even creates its own cholesterol. My maternal grandmother had arterial sclerosis (just like all her siblings) which mimiced alzheimers.

Yesterday I found a Tapping website and I hope it will help me get back on South Beach and be good about it. I need to lose over 50lbs (and keep it off this time). I did most of it (the free part) last night. I had weird dreams, but this morning felt motivated to start my diet. Now all I need to do is get motivated (and find time) to exercise. Wish me luck!


Level 1 is absolutely free, and is life-changing. The Tapping in Level 1 covers some of the most powerful processes in the personal development industry, and because it's tapping they are fast, simple and easy. No-one else can give these away free because they are usually done in workshops or one-on-one with skilled practitioners.

No strings attached - apart from I hope you'll love it so much you'll pay to upgrade to Levels 2 and 3, which essentially open up a channel of communication between your Conscious Mind, your Higher Self, and your Sub-Conscious.

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Torina said...

Good luck with your boobie rehab!