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Monday, December 15, 2008

Public School Clothing

My kids are so used to thrift shopping that they don't recognize labels. They choose clothing by color, style and bling. I choose their clothes by how worn it does/doesn't look, does it show body parts I don't allow (belly, cleavage, upper arms - all my kids are sun-sensitive, wrists and ankles showing- if it's supposed to be long sleeve), and whether or not it fits (nothing skin tight).

When I told my sister that the girls were going back to public school and I was worried, she said, "Just make sure they're dressed really cute and they'll be fine." The sad thing is, she's probably right! For Bob at least - Kitty is going to have other issues.

I told Bob yesterday that she was going to go to public school in January. She sobbed. I felt so awful! After she calmed down we talked about ways to handle it (smile!!!) and her wardrobe. Saturday (before I told her) I took the kids shopping and had told them to get clothes for Winter Break - not uniforms - I couldn't get her to buy any clothes! Truthfully that's one reason I told her, so that she will start looking for cute clothes.

Kitty likes cute clothes so I'm not worried about her (except that she likes baggy pants that sit on her hips so she always looks like a plumber!) I can't get her to wear belts (or suspenders) either! Add that to the fact that she's long waisted (meaning short shirts) and I've actually seen pubic hair once or twice! *eek* And of course she has very little sensory feelings so she walks around with food dripping off her face (and stains on her clothes) - hugging her in the morning often means I have to change my clothes too. *sigh*

Bob looks more like Baby Huey. I mean that in the nicest way, but she's got a tummy, so she wears her pants like most men with a dunlop - under her tummy. And she's super long waisted so her shirts are too short. *sigh*

Ponito wears the same clothes several days in a row (if I don't catch him), and all his pants and half his shirts have holes in them, but he loves them so that's what he wears.

At least we finally broke Bear of wearing a thousand layers. Even in TEXAS in the SUMMER he'd be wearing shorts AND jeans, an undershirt, a t-shirt, AND a dress shirt. A sweatshirt and jacket too when he first got here, but that didn't last long.. Now we just have to force him to wear long pants on days when it's below freezing! Goober.

Some days I'm embarrassed to take them out in public! But I love them.

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