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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pictures

This was how Bear spent most of Christmas. Totally sleepy!

Kitty's gift was two sizes too small. She loved it anyway and tried to convince me she could still wear it. She has no idea how curvy she's gotten in the last couple of months! This was probably my fault in conveying sizes to the grandparents.

LOL! A buff Ponito!

Hubby with new charger valet (no description or pictures so this took us awhile to figure out! *grin*)

Bubble wrap! Best gift ever! Thanks Grandad and Grandma Sandi! LOL

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Lorraine Fuller said...

Our kids got Bubble wrap too! I was trying to make sure there were gifts to open, even though the big gift is a cruise we are taking later this month, so they got things like socks and bubble wrap. They loved it.