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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dreaming of a Christmas Miracle

So now I have some decisions to make. Kitty failed two PACE workbooks (Science and Social Studies). Normally the school would have her repeat them, but since I told them Wednesday that she'll start public school on the 20th of January, they wanted to know what I want done.

I told them to leave the failing grades, and focus on her other subjects. I want to get her as close to "finishing the semester" as possible. Not sure how we'll explain that to her since we're not telling her about starting public school until after the Cmas holidays so she'll actually do the schoolwork over the Cmas break.

Hubby and I were talking about school starting and one option we have is to request that they move Kitty down to 6th grade. (Academically she's "finishing up" 5th grade, but technically she's in 7th grade). She's already a year "behind" since she didn't start Kindergarten until age 6 so she won't graduate until age 19 on her current track. Another concern - she is 13, hit puberty and is tall for her age (5'3 1/2").

One problem is this "No Child Left Behind" law. I think it means that she has to take classes and tests "on grade level" - which means 7th grade. Since she is nowhere near being academically ready for 7th grade she will be overwhelmed and feel "stupid." - According to past history.

In therapy on Friday we discussed some of her issues with anger and vindictiveness. She HATES people who she feels are "judging" her or "mean" to her. She's super sensitive so that's a lot of people. Luckily teenage girls are not known for being sarcastic, judgmental or cruel! (I really need a sarcastic emoticon!) *sigh*

I'm SOOOOOOO worried about public school for her. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll get all the services she needs and it all will all just magically work out. My own little Christmas miracle (sarcastic emoticon inserted again!)

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