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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jesus' Birthday Party

Wow, what a week!

So Christmas is "over" and now the children are playing quietly upstairs while Hubby and I rest (he's sleeping on the couch and I finally get time on the computer).

Jesus' birthday party (our newest tradition) went OK. The kids weren't gung ho about it, but my sister loved the idea. She and her children wrote their Jesus gifts before they came over. Her littles didn't want to read theirs out loud, but my sister did (it was to be a good mother). Most of my kids (and Hubby) acted as if they had never heard me talk about this so were kind of put on the spot. I ended up writing everyone's on the same piece of paper (except Bob's). We hung the papers on the tree. We'll pack them away with the ornaments and read them next year.

Bob had already written hers (Yes, I peeked) - hers was to have a better relationship with Jesus.

Kitty said she would try not to fight with Grandma (HUGE!!).

Mine was to respect myself - to take care of my body, my time, going to bed at a reasonable hour, being active and eating well.

Ponito would try not to cuss (we changed this to using respectful language).

Hubby will try to follow the path God sets in front of him with less hesitation and disbelief. He will quit fighting it.

Bear will spend more time with his family and be more active in church.

Kitty and Bear got a little antsy, but the promise of cake helped Kitty sit still longer. I still am amazed at the changes in Bear. He is able to control himself now under circumstances that would have triggered an episode before.

After we hung our gifts on the tree, we opened our traditional Christmas Eve gifts (pajamas - and for the last couple of years a book). Then we had birthday cake and watched Ice Age 2. Ok, so Ice Age 2 wasn't exactly a traditional movie, but it was on TV and the kids really wanted to watch it! *grin*

Post of one of my favorite Jesus Gifts

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Merry Christmas, Mary!