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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas shopping

I figured I'd answer Purplewall's comments here instead of in the Comment section.

My budget per child varies because I go for the thrift and bargain. For the younger three's Santa gifts I found new MP3 players (last years all got lost or broken) for $10-20 each (yea Big Lots!!!). I'm assuming I'll have to spend about $40 for an "equivalent gift" for Bear. I'm thinking a dive/ water resistant watch since he's so rough on his watches. I got him a nice cross necklace for his adoption gift in July (which he's misplaced again, but not lost) - so that's out.

I try to get one "nice gift" for the kids from us. This year, Bob's is to finally paint her room. Kitty is getting real makeup. Ponito - I went in with my sister and bought him a $45 dollar toy. Bear wants an expensive cologne/body spray gift set. (Usher or Curves - $30-45).

Then there are lots of little gifts - books, clothes (mostly from thrift stores), special school supplies (usually with favorite characters or higher quality), hair brushes, new tooth brushes, socks and undies for Bear... Some of these will be stuffed in stockings. Some will be bundled into packages with a "theme." I will try to stick to the "three present - just like the wise men gave to Jesus" rule again this year. I think I overbought on Kitty this year, but her birthday is in April so some of it can be stored until then.

And the Christmas Eve gift of PJs and a book.

So I don't really have a budget exactly, but I try to keep the appearances about equal. Last year the big gifts were a bike for Bear, a new (used) bed and fun bedding for Kitty (I've got to remember to add the cute photo of this when I get home), Contacts for Bob, and Heeleys for Ponito (which were the wrong size and he ended up waiting months for). Santa brought a flat screen TV for the whole family. Everyone got an MP3 player loaded with Christian music. The third gift was school supplies and books.

I try to make sure everyone gets a few things they really want and something they can play with. If it sounds sparse it really isn't.

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