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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chore Agreements


1. All allowance and chore money will be kept in savings until the spending freeze is lifted. Birthday money or money earned elsewhere may be held for you, but does not have to go into savings.
2. You are required to have $25 in savings at all times. If this money is used to repay debts (such as replacing damaged items or for incomplete chores) then extra chores are mandatory until money is earned back.
3. Spending money is not authorized until you have over $50 in your account. You may choose to spend all money over the $50 or keep it in savings.
4. You may combine money with a sibling only if you have a written agreement on how the item(s) purchased will be used (both by owners, friends and siblings who didn’t contribute).
5. Parental approval for all purchases is required.

b. RANDOM TREATS: Parents will randomly bring home treats that only children who have done chores can have.

c. EARN A VOICE IN CHOICE: If you have completed your chores for the day or week you will get a vote in what movies the family watches, what we are having for dinner, where we go eat, and family activities.

d. WEEKEND REWARDS: Those who have done their chores all week will get free passes from shopping (where possible), and get to attend family activities, or get one on one time with a parent.

e. SATURDAY CHORES: All chores not done during the week must be done on Saturday, plus extra chores – particularly if the chore not done during the week was completed by someone else. It is possible, but not guaranteed, you may still get to go on family activities if these are complete before the activity begins.

f. NO TV/ PS2/ PHONE/ READING FOR PLEASURE/ PLAYING until chores are done to Grandma’s satisfaction. Be aware of parent’s requirements because they have the final say. If you have not earned these privileges you must eat and do schoolwork at the dining room table. Grandma may allow one of these privileges if you are consistently good about getting your chores done.


FAIR CLUB: If you refuse to do chores and/or have an attitude, you can and will be put in the FAIR Club. Other alternatives may include:

1. NO CHORES BY KID, NO CHORES BY PARENT: no hot food for dinner, you can eat sandwiches at table. No electronics or phone -these are paid for by working parents.

2. EARLY RISING: You may have to get up ½ hour early the next morning to do complete chores before getting ready for school.

3. CHANGE CHORES: If you don’t do a chore like dishes or kitty litter then you may have to do it all week rather than next person having to do double the work, or you may have to start doing the chores of the person who is having to do your work.

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