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Friday, February 20, 2009

No Cussing Club works!

So the neighbor family mom reads my blog! She shared with her husband the news about the No Cussing Club Ponito is starting (along with a few more of the facts leading up to the girlfriend cussing incident) and they have decided that their son can come to Ponito's birthday party this weekend! Ponito is so happy!

But wait there's more!

The little neighbor boy with the major cussing issue came by this afternoon to see if Ponito could go to his cousin's birthday party at Gattiland and spend the night. I told him Ponito was grounded (FAIR Club) for cussing. The boy's mom called a few minutes later for news. I bit the bullet and told her that Ponito was grounded for cussing, and that he claimed he'd learned most of it from her son. She was genuinely shocked!

I couldn't believe she didn't know! I mentioned her son was pretty aggressive and she readily admitted to that, but she had never heard a foul word leave his mouth. I realized that I had never really heard Ponito cuss either so I believe her that she really didn't know. We have 2 smart boys who know better than to cuss in front of their parents. I mentioned this had been going on for quite awhile and she was upset that no one had ever told her. (Now I felt guilty!)

Bob happened to be standing next to me so I asked Bob to tell the neighbor about her son's behavior since it didn't happen in front of me of course. Bob confirmed everything and gave some details (without actually using the words herself of course!).

The neighbor immediately talked to her son and sent him to his room. He wasn't allowed to go to the cousin's birthday party. I don't know what all happened after that because I took Kitty to therapy, but I was told that a very tearful boy came to our house and apologized to Bob, Hubby and Bear. Ponito was at a friend's house. We were told that the boy wants to apologize to Ponito, Kitty and I too.

We'll see what happens next. Maybe this No Cussing Club thing will continue to make positive waves!

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