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Friday, February 6, 2009

Flu, Flu and more flu

Ponito has had a high fever since Monday. Hubby and Bob had stomach flu Sunday night so I assumed Ponito had it too. No vomiting or diarrhea though. Wednesday I got worried and took him to the doctor. No temperature of course! (It went back up to 102.4 that night). Strep test - negative.

After 3 days it was too late to give him anything for the flu. I could take him to the hospital to be checked to see if it really was the flu, but if they said yes, we couldn't do anything anyway - so I decided to save my money. Plus, I thought his fever had finally broken! She gave us a decongestant for his sniffles and sent us home.

The decongestant didn't work (and tasted disgusting apparently). The liquid Mucinex didn't work. The sniffles and dry cough were persistant. As was the fever although it was lower, 100.4 this morning. Still, we all know the rule. If you don't take a child in on Friday, then they get worse over the weekend requiring an urgent care or emergency room visit. It's Murphy's law right?!

The nurse checked him over. He's no better but no worse. She still thinks it's the flu, but gave me an antibiotic prescription for sinus infection to fill if he's not better by Sunday or gets worse. Of course I'm supposed to watch everyone closely and if anyone shows signs I need to get them in for the flu thing immediately.

Now I have diarrhea, but it could be the horrible amount of food I ate today (homemade banana bread for breakfast, Mr. Gatti's pizza buffet for lunch and an IHOP spinach omelette and harvest grain and nut pancakes for dinner).

I can't be sick! We still have to confront Bear, and deal with an activated Kitty. Plus I'm enjoying cuddling with Ponito. He's my cuddlebunny already, but when he's sick he's sooo cute. (Is it wrong to enjoy your kids more when they're sick?)

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