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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Letters sent!

Finally got the letters sent to all the people on the kid's "teams."

Between Bears' two schools, teachers, admin at both schools, counselors, and the people at his MHMR clinic and therapists, I had to find 22 e-mails! Kitty "only" had 12, but hers were harder to find because no one seemed to know who her caseworker was, and her guidance counselor was different from Bear's too... they're opening another high school this year so everything isn't up to date. One of Kitty's teachers and her guidance counselor weren't in the school directory... whine, whine, whine... ok, I'm done now.

The good news is I'M DONE!!

I talked to the school nurse today and Kitty has already been in there 4-5 times (we're only on our 8th day of school!) for different things. Luckily I'd already discussed the problem with her. Hopefully the teachers will read the letter and stop allowing Kitty to go so often.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Yeah you. Glad you are if Kitty would only stay out of the nurses office...Our first foster daughter practically LIVED at the nurse...finally in Senior year she did her work study internship there and now, 4 years later is an ER admitting clerk m-f 9-5 at a big hospital here in New England. Go figure.

marythemom said...

Hmmm... Kitty does want to be a surgeon. Maybe I shouldn't have put the kibosh on the nurse visits. *grin*