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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bear's book

Life in foster caer as pre teen, it was different for me. But as evry kid that is one of the most difficut time of life. This is one q? you should ask your self if you read this book, Is it that much diffrent?

For me I thoght it was better for me than living with my Birth family. So if You are in foster caer keep that in mind, for me think maybe one day when you have kids you can be there for them that’s What evry kid need’s no matter What age they are but unfurtrly that always dosent happend. One thang that happends to kids in foster caer it gets hard to trust people. this can effect futeer relashonships with people in your life. But don’t let that stop from any thang there maybe times you fill like you Want to give up but that the time that maders the most!

Some thang's you need to consiter Why, is it Werth it and is it the right thang to do! So if you are in foster caer don't let someone tell you'r a mistak or werthless Because you arent! You are one of a kiend you will be a good parent if that's Whant but Please wheat till your ready and in a good state of mind! But Whne that time comes make it right and be there for the kid Whole life but give the baby the life you never had and do it the right way.

Bear, age 15

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