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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

School work at work

So the first day of Kitty going to work with me is over. I presented it exactly as I planned (so glad I wrote it down), and it worked exactly as planned. I told her she had the choice of going in the FAIR Club with accompanying writing assignment, or I could give her another chance. Ironically as long as she thinks she is getting away with something else she accepts the consequences easily. She came to work with me and behaved well.

Unfortunately I do think that her ADHD med is not working very well. By mid afternoon she was incapable of doing more school work (yes, I did take her for a long walk to burn off some energy - today I will wear better shoes!!). I can see why the school is having trouble with her. She could not stop talking! Plus, she obviously does not understand the vocabulary. I'm not sure how she passes her tests.

Yesterday Bob and Hubby came down with stomach flu. It started out by being dizzy and nauseous for several days and then Bob started vomiting. Hubby hasn't started the vomiting yet. Today Bob feels annoyingly better, but now Bear said he feels awful and didn't sleep all night. Kitty has complained off and on, but I'm not sure I believe her yet.

Since we're down to one car I left everyone at home while I saw the doctor (I'm seeing him monthly while we stabilize my meds for bipolar disorder). I got fussed at for gaining weight - this is the most I've weighed when not pregnant, not having seen my gynecologist in 3 years, not exercising and not sleeping. *sigh* He decided not to increase my mood stabilizer since I seem to be OK, but I did request an increase in my anti-depressant since my life sucks** right now.

Someone asked why Hubby doesn't attended attachment therapy. We were told Kitty needs to bond to me first, then we could start adding others. Her attachment to me is finally established, but still very tentative. Having her with me more has really helped. She holds my hand (when there is no chance someone she knows will see us) and doesn't say mean things about me as often (this is a huge improvement). She's even complimented me once or twice, and cuddles with me during lunch at work.

Staying home with her is just not an option. She can barely focus when there are few distractions (like at work) and knowing that the TV, dogs, toys, etc. is right there would be too much for her I think. Having Hubby in the next office over is a required threat too (haven't had to use it this time, but have in the past). Plus, I really need to be available at work. Even though most of the time there is nothing I need to be doing, the rare times I am needed, no one else can do my job (new client meetings, writing proposals for existing clients...). Plus, Hubby wants me to start doing a little more in the way of marketing.

** Taken from one of those silly survey things that get sent around.
17. Current worry? Hubby wants to lay off several people at our company because we can't afford to pay them (and we don't agree on who), he also wants to stop paying half of their health insurance (we have less than 10 employees so apparently we don't have to do this). We borrow $10K a month from my parents just to get by (for the company). The house is falling apart and infested by Carpenter ants, and the bathroom at work is leaking(luckily we have two). My work computer died this morning (Good news! Kitty just realized she'd kicked out the power cord, plugged it back in, and now my computer works!). My car is dead and Hubby's car is making weird noises. We've been driving without car insurance since August. Bob is throwing up at Grandma's house. Kitty is at work today and Hubby hates that. We had to have a serious talk today with the sales guy because we don't think he's making enough sales calls - but the market is down so it probably won't make a difference. Hubby is waiting for several calls about jobs he probably won't get, doesn't want, and doesn't have time to do because he's got work to do here. We haven't gotten paychecks in almost a year and Christmas is coming. My nephew, we promised to pay for his college, is graduating this year. We owe all the staff at least 2 weeks of salary, one of them a whole month and one several months and they all want the money before the end of the year. I haven't had my annual gynecologist appointment in 3 years and something's not quite right with my armpit. I was told to get a biopsy of my thyroid done immediately, and it's been about 6 months (don't have the $1500 co-pay). Something is triggering Kitty at school and I don't know what. Gotta figure out how to get Kitty the school help she needs without throwing her back into regular classes in public school. Gotta take Kitty to two different therapy appointments a week. In Sunday School yesterday morning I realized I still have not figured out how to put my faith in God. My meds are not helping. Hubby won't take meds and I don't know how he can possibly be even functioning. I have to finish sewing Bob's dress for Christmas pictures next weekend. I volunteered to make 24 pies for Thanksgiving. And this list is depressingly long and it's not even complete!


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