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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

It's been a long tough year. We've managed to muddle through it. I've been doing so with the help of pharmaceuticals (prescribed!). I still don't know how Hubby does it. Today may have been the last straw.

Yesterday we had to lay off one of our employees. He wasn't surprised (we haven't kept him busy in a long time), and he took it well, but it was still very hard.

Money has been super tight all year. I don't know where the money for anything will come from. We've been angsting (is that a word?) over how to handle the private school issues but we have no idea where the money for next semester's tuition is going to come from.

Our car insurance lapsed in August (right after Hubby accidentally hit the bicyclist), although we didn't know it until September. We didn't have the money to reinstate it so we've been driving extra carefully.

When we were almost to work this morning, there were several cars stopped waiting for someone to make a left turn and Hubby didn't notice in time. Actually he did notice in time, but the anti-lock brakes didn't work well. We had a minor fender bender with a brand new Beemer. Beyond the white stripe from our front license plate you couldn't see any damage on the BMW, but the guy was understandably nervous. When he found out we didn't have insurance he insisted on calling the police. We didn't really blame him, but this is not what we needed!

Luckily we were only cited for not having insurance. Not for the collision. It's too late to reinstate our insurance (over 30 days), and when they found out we'd been in an accident they refused to cover us at all (even though they wouldn't have to pay for any damages because we weren't covered). Maybe because this is Hubby's second accident. I hate working downtown! Now we have to find another insurance agency.

So I'm trying to think of this positively. God must have a plan. I'm thinking that this could have been a MUCH worse accident and God protected us (or was protecting the other driver). I hate not knowing God's plans in advance!

I just hope things will turn around soon. I don't know how much further we can/should go. Maybe I should follow my friend Lisa and cut back and try the Depression lifestyle. I grew up that way, and certainly know how to do it.

This weekend are our family pictures (still haven't finished altering Bob's dress) and I have to make 26 pies! I know I'm insane.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry this happened to you guys! I'm sure it's not the last straw, however. You can survive this setback, too. Keep praying!

The Accidental Mommy said...

Hi- I was blog surfing and landed here. It seems to be a rough time of year for everyone! I hope it all works out in the end. People who own BMW's usually have "uninsured motorist coverage". Good luck!