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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas pictures

The long awaited Christmas pictures! These are my gorgeous children. If you're wondering why we're all dressed up in evening gowns, well I'll tell you!

If Ponito's face looks a little funny in the family pictures it's because the little goober only smiled in ONE picture of the 10 or so she took. In that ONE picture, many other family members were blinking or not smiling or something. We NEVER get it right at the first sitting, but I had held out high hopes and it was crowded. Last year took 3 sittings! So this year, rather than get everyone all dressed up again, our sweet cousin photoshopped his smiling face into my favorite picture. He turned out a little "brighter" than the rest!

About 4 years ago it was time for Christmas pictures to be taken by one of our favorite cousins who is a professional photographer. Hubby was teaching scuba so couldn't attend. Bob had outgrown all her Christmas dresses so we ran to a thrift store to pick something out. We searched for quite awhile and then she fell in love with an evening gown! It was on clearance so I let her get it. She looked gorgeous. Even in the "silly" picture (which is at the top of my blog!).

When the kids first got here and it was time to take Cmas pictures, Bob immediately bragged about the evening gown picture to Kitty- and it instantly became a "tradition." I had a bunch of evening gowns in my closet left over from college dances and the like. We found one that fit Kitty. Bob had a pretty gown in her dress up clothes (again, yea thrift stores!). The girls looked absolutely gorgeous! Of course I was distracted by getting them ready and paid no attention to the boys! Bad Mommy! Hence Ponito and Bear's hot pink and turquoise shirts!If you want to see last year's pictures, it's the one at the bottom of my blog. Last year I decided I was going to make sure we all matched. We found a dress that one of the girls fell in love with and then found other dresses to match - they were all inexpensive thrift store finds. I even found matching ties for the boys. This year Kitty fell in love with light blue, and Bob found one too. I looked everywhere for another light blue dress and couldn't find one for me (plus I don't really like the color so I decided grey was good too).

Next year I am going to push for casual. The boys are all for the idea, but I'm going to have a fight on my hands with the girls. What do you think? Red t-shirts and jeans?!

I think I look fat in this year's picture so the following pictures of just the kids are my absolute favorites. I particularly love this one of Bear laughing out loud (LOL!). It is actually a pretty rare occurrence. Little Ponito tried not to smile, but now that I was behind the cameras I started doing silly things to get them to smile.

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?!!!

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Torina said...

Awesome pictures! What a fun tradition! Thanks for sharing!