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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Psychiatrtist visit

Saw the psychiatrist last night. Bear is doing great and is very stable. He doesn't have to come back for 3-6 months! Yea!

Kitty needs to come back in 2-3 weeks. We are finally starting her on Lamictal and are discussing taking her off Seroquel which doesn't seem to be having an effect (obviously no med changes right now). We discussed her high anxiety issues and the results of the school psychological assessment.

One thing we discussed is the problem with running out of office visits. We currently get 31 mental health visits a year per child. Both kids see a therapist weekly (Kitty twice a week, but one therapist only takes Medicaid, not our private insurance) add the monthly psychiatrist visits...

So there is a Texas mandate for youth (under 18) with SMI (severe mental illness) that allows us to have 60 visits a year (instead of just the 30 we get with our mental health rider on our health insurance. We asked the psychiatrist why he wasn't using the bipolar diagnosis for Kitty so she qualified. He says it's because people with diagnosed bipolar disorder can't get life insurance. Ok, that sucks, but I wish he'd told us this was why he hadn't given her the diagnosis. We told him we'd rather have the extra coverage for our daughter over the next 6 years. Currently she is seeing the psychiatrist every 2-3 weeks, and therapists 2-3 times a week. 30 visits is not going to cover anything.

Of course the pharmacy does not have the starter pack for the Lamictal on hand. *sigh*

Should I be worried about life insurance?

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Tudu said...

Won't she qualify for a whole life policy? I think if faced with that and everyone is positive it is a good dx, for get the life insurance.