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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The kids got back their scores on the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), which is the state-wide standardized testing.

Bob got a commended score in reading, which means she scored well above average. In math, not so much, but this was most likely because she is in advanced math (a year ahead of the average student) so the test she was taking was on stuff she'd studied last school year - still she did better than average.

Ponito's scores were the opposite. Above average in reading, but commended in math. In fact he made a perfect score in math! Didn't miss a single question!

So here's the one that surprised me. Kitty was commended too! On both reading and math!! She took the modified version of the tests, but that's still on grade level (just has fewer questions and no test questions (meaning questions that they're testing for official use on future versions of the test that on the average test are not included in computing the child's score). I think they might be scaling Kitty's test as compared to other kids taking the modified version, but still!

When Kitty came to us at age 11, we were very concerned because the girls would both be in 5th grade and we knew Kitty has learning disabilities and other issues, whereas Bob is very bright and "neurotypical." The foster mom assured us it wouldn't be an issue because Kitty hated school so envy or competition wouldn't be a problem on her end. (We still worried about Bob because she's a competitive soul!).

About 4 months after she moved in, we decided to start Kitty back on ADHD meds (still not sure why they were stopped in the first place, possibly the appetite suppressant issues - she was very underweight when we got her). Kitty went from hating school to enjoying most of it, doing 2nd grade work to 4th grade (she was in 5th) and even began reading for pleasure! She still had mega issues and it didn't cure her learning disabilities, but it was a huge difference!

Luckily our concerns about the girls comparing or competing never came to fruition, at least not academically (socially on the other hand...). Kitty will still be in applied classes (the latest politically correct name for special ed), but she's doing so much better, and maybe in a couple of years she'll be able to emotionally handle things like homework and taking tests in large groups, and her handwriting skills might improve (currently about a 3rd grade level - she starts high school next year!).

You may have noticed I have 4 kids but only mentioned 3 test results. That's because Bear's tests are mysteriously absent. He did check the mail one day (I don't normally let him do that because I'm afraid he'll take something out like... school behavior referrals, credit card statements, test results...). Maybe it's just a coincidence.


GB's Mom said...

I don't believe in coincidences :) said...

Interesting loss of one set of scores. Good for Kitty though, we have seen similar growth for Fudge at school.